Collaborating Partner

Feb 14, 2024

We are excited to introduce a dedicated practitioner with whom we collaborate. An expert in relationships, emotions, and personal growth, Thaina Cordero, MS Clinical Sexologist.  Thaina  specializes in helping individuals navigate the complexities of human interaction and self-discovery. Whether you seek to understand your actions, improve relationships, enhance communication, or explore intimacy and pleasure, Thaina is available to guide and support you.

Her focus is on empowering you with self-awareness and insight, whether your goals are interpersonal or personal. Their expertise extends beyond the therapist's office, offering skills applicable in various life domains, from work to personal relationships. You can gain valuable tools for managing stress, chronic pain, and life challenges, incorporating mind-body practices. Sometimes, simply having a compassionate listener can make a significant difference in feeling heard and understood.

Thaina is committed to your well-being and personal growth, ready to embark on a transformative journey with you. Whether you seek relationship guidance or self-improvement, you're in capable hands. Explore the realm of emotions, relationships, and personal development under their expert guidance, starting your journey toward a more fulfilled and enlightened life.

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